WHII is offering a promotional opportunity for companies to present in the main congress program.

The WHII Committee reserves the right to select company presentations.

In order to be considered, companies must submit a

  1. Company abstract
  2. Company presentation

IMPORTANT: All submissions much be in English

  1. Company Abstract

Abstracts must be related to one of the following topics:

  • Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) – Mother and Offspring Health
    • Life Cycle approach to Women’s Health
    • Developmental origins of health and disease – intrauterine programming and imprinting
    • Prediction and Prevention of pregnancy complications
    • The first 1000 days
  •  Reproductive Medicine
  •  Gynecological Oncology
  •  Urogynecology
  •  Menopause
  • Genetic and Epigenetics
  • Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs). Are they predictable? Are they preventable?
  •  Obesity
  • “The Unacceptable and Unmentionable” in Women’s Health
  • Health Economics
  •  Novel cannabinoid-based solutions and Women’s Health
  •  Improving Women’s Health with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  •  The OMICS and Women’s Health.
  • Environment, Lifestyle and Nutrition and Women’s Health
    • Nutritional manipulation of health and disease
  •  FemTech – Digital Health Parade in Women’s Health
  • Investment in Women Health and FemTech –Opportunities and Challenges
  • Unmet needs related to Sexual Health Life Cycle
  • Women’s Health is Nation’s Wealth
  •  Technology Transfer Offices: From Academic Research to Industry – Addressing the unmet needs in women health
  •  Breastfeeding
  •  Contraception
  1. Short Presentation:

PowerPoint presentation with a maximum of 12 slides should include the following:

  • Title of your Presentation
    • Subtopic of the Presentation according to Congress Main Topics
  • Presenter Name
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Company Website Address
  • Presenter LinkedIn Profile

In the presentation include a short company description:

  • Core Technology
  • What is the technology, its uniqueness and its value proposition?
  • Product Profile/Pipeline
  • Current status and market potential. Discuss milestones, potential collaboration and partnership
  • Business Strategy
  • Briefly describe how the company will apply its core technology
  • Generate near-term and long term revenues
  • Funding history, sources
  • What’s next?


  • Use .doc file format NOT .dox
  • Review of all companies will commence after the submission deadline. If you have not been contacted, that means the review process is not over
  • Presentation slots are limited and not all abstracts submitted can be included
  • Submission of an abstract acknowledges your acceptance for the abstract to be published in all official congress publications.
  • A condition of submission is that you agree to such publication and to surrender any copyright over the abstract as submitted to WHII 2019