Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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09:00-10:00 Plenary Session 2: Good Morning Tel Aviv – Connecting System Biology to Artificial Intelligence
Moderators: Ronni Gamzu, Israel and Michal Rosen Zvi, Israel
09:00-09:20 From nature to bench clinic; Paradigm-shift in reproduction, pregnancy, immunity and transplant: Preimplantation Factor (PIF): Eytan Barnea, USA
09:20-09:40 Big data and artificial intelligence in women’s health: When will the promise be fulfilled? Ran Balicer, Israel
09:40-10:00 Women’ Health - building an Eco system: Anya Eldan, Israel Innovation Authority
10:00-11:30 Session 3: Hypertension and Pregnancy (HAP): Prediction and Prevention of Pregnancy Complications Session 4: State of the ART on an Unmet Need in Reproduction: Can we Improve IVF Outcome Session 5: Improving Women’s Health with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Session 6: Menopause
Moderators: Ron Maymon, Israel and Liona Poon, Hong Kong Raoul Orvieto, Israel and Felice Petraglia, Italy Michal Rosen Zvi, Israel and Varda Shalev, Israel Andrea Genazzani, Italy and Bari Kaplan, Israel
The first trimester prediction and prevention. The FIGO global approach: Liona Poon, Hong Kong Improving morphokinetic classification of embryo developmental and implantation potential using artificial intelligence tools: Amnon Buxboim, Israel Artificial intelligence on breast cancer: Varda Shalev, Israel Menopause treatment and aging prevention - Women’s needs and future therapies: Andrea Gennazani, Italy
The great obstetrical syndromes - Preeclampsia, growth restriction, preterm delivery, placental complications (Abruption, Previa): Prediction and prevention: Jacob Bar, Israel Selecting the best embryo, does PGT-A deliver: Raoul Orvieto, Israel Changing the landscape of Osteoporosis - AI to detect women at increased risk of osteoporosis: Shiri Salomon, Zebra Medical, Israel Treating GSM during menopause: Bari Kaplan, Israel
The big data - Preeclampsia and future of maternal and offspring health: Eyal Sheiner, Israel Finding the Perfect Embryo - Is Blastocyst Biopsy the Answer? William Schlaff, USA The Medical Brain – Essential module for moving towards Patients Centered Care: Shoshana Haberman, USA Management of climacteric after breast cancer: TBD
The technology - The bio-medical engineer, the mathematical model of placental vascular supply: TBD PCOS - New approaches to unmet problems of an old disease: TBD New frontiers in vaginal wall imaging: Non-invasive tools for monitoring vaginal wall changes: Yona Tadir, Israel
Company Presentations Company Presentations Company Presentations Neurokinin 3 receptor antagonist next treatment of hot flushes during menopause: Amnon Brzezinski, Israel
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11:30-12:00 Coffee Break
12:00:13:30 Session 7: Hypertension and Pregnancy (HAP): Diagnosis and management Session 8: Advanced Laboratory Technologies in Fertility Preservation in Patients with Malignancies Session 9: Oncology and Women’s Health Life Cycle: Eliminating Cervical Cancer - Controversies in Preventing and Managing Women’s Cancers Session 10: Personalized Nutrition and Women’s Life cycle - Addressing the Unmet Needs
Moderators: TBD TBD and Vyacheslav Lokshin, Kazakhstan Neerja Bhatla, India and TBD TBD
The second and third trimester diagnosis and management – The FIGO Global approach: Liona Poon, Hong Kong Laboratory methods for optimization of ovarian tissue transplantation: Ronit Abir, Israel Cervical cancer 2018 - The global view of issues and promise for elimination: Neerja Bhatla, India Nutritional manipulation of pregnancy and its complications: TBD
Angiogenic biomarkers and preeclampsia- from bench to bedside: Sarosh Rana, USA Ovarian tissue transplantation: Recent developments – State of the art: TBD TBD: Uzi Beller, Israel Nutritional manipulation in Health and disease: TBD
Preeclampsia - preventing a major pregnancy complication- life saving and economic benefits: TBD Testicular tissue and sprematogonial stem cells cryopreservation and transplantation in pre pubertal boys with malignancies: Dov Feldberg, Israel FIGO / WHO / UNFPA cervical cancer declaration: Neerja Bhatla, India Nutrition; A life course approach to NCD prevention - The first 1000 days from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday: TBD
Fertility sparing surgery in treatment of early stages of Cx Cancer – the new standard of care: TBD Nutritional management during pregnancy: TBD
Company Presentations Company Presentations Company Presentations Pollution and women’s health: Ido Solt, Israel
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13:30-14:30 Lunch Break
14:30-16:00 Session 11: Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy (HIP): The Unmet Need; Interrupting the Vicious Cycle of Diabetes Begets Diabetes Session 12: Novel Technologies in Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT) in ART. Can we Improve IVF Outcome? Session 13: Oncology and Women’s Health Life Cycle: Eliminating Ovarian Cancer Session 14: Hot Topics in Women’s Health
Moderators: Hema Divakar, India and TBD Dov Feldberg, Israel, Edgar Mocanu, Ireland Neerja Bhatla, India and Ami Fishman, Israel TBD
Defining the unmet need - To diagnose all cases of GDM – The FIGO Pragmatic HIP guidelines: Moshe Hod, Israel Ethical concerns and funding decisions in preimplantation genetic diagnosis: Lina Basel-Salmon, Israel Innovation in the Dx and Rx of ovarian and endometrial cancer: Ami Fishman, Israel Ethical dimensions in women’s health – The FIGO global perspective: Frank A. Chervenak, USA
Defining the unmet need; Relevance of South Asia in achieving objectives of the FIGO GDM initiative; Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of carrying out GDM Universal diagnosis: Hema Divakar, India Non invasive PGT with mitochondrial DNA: Luca Gianaroli, Italy Genomic (somatic) and genetic (hereditary) information to guide treatment in breast and ovarian cancer: TBD Women, Sleep and Dreams: Zipi Dolev, Israel
The new technologies: Noninvasive continuous glucose measurements: Eran Hadar, Wear2be Israel Ovarian cancer screening: IOTA and the chicken. Are we there yet? Jacques S. Abramowicz, USA Female cardiac health during women’s life cycle - pregnancy and menopause: Avital Porter, Israel
Obesity and diabetes - Can we prevent diabetes? Fat storage in your body: beyond your body scale: TBD Personalized surgical therapy in ovarian cancer: TBD Menstrual health and female health throughout the lifecycle – the 5th vital sign as a barometer of health and wellness? TBD
Big data - Gestational diabetes mellitus: Does it pose a risk for future maternal and neonatal health? Eyal Sheiner, Israel
Patient's perspective - An obstetrician with GDM: Shiran Zer, Israel
Company Presentations Company Presentations Company Presentations Company Presentations
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-18:00 Session 15: Preterm Birth (PTB): Can it be Predicted and Prevented in Early Pregnancy Session 16: The FIGO Global Initiatives: Updated Insights Session 17: Oncology and Women’s Health Life Cycle: Eliminating Breast Cancer Session 18: Women’s Health is Nation’s Wealth - Women are controlling their Health - Women Panel
Moderators: TBD and Yariv Yogev, Israel Mykola Gryshchenko, Ukraine Edgar Mocanu, Ireland and Valery Zukin, Ukraine TBD Orit Jacobson, Israel and Michal Hemmo Lotem, Israel
Defining the unmet need: Can we prevent all preterm deliveries? Between utopia to reality. The clinician: Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Italy Updated FIGO educational tools - The fertility toolbox: TBD Genetics - Establishing a definitive standard to guide treatment decisions in early-stage HR+, HER2– Breast cancer patients: Lior Soussan Gutman, Israel Meredith Rose Burak, USA
Management-Pessary? Cerclage? Progesterone? Which and when? Outpatient cerclage? Vincenzo Berghella, USA The hidden and unknown elements in infertility investigation for ART: Edgar Mocanu, Ireland Breast cancer 2019 and a look to the future: TBD Sara Tancman, The Bria'a Foundation, Israel
Can we predict PTB – Proteomics. The Carmentix Solution: Liona Poon, Hong Kong Novel insights in chronobiology in human reproduction: Dov Feldberg, Israel Breast cancer risk: an AI-based learning from a large cohort: Michal Rosen Zvi, Israel Dana Weinberg, Women and Their Bodies, Israel
Can we prevent PTB – Progesteron. The Besins solution: Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Italy Fertility care in 2050: TBD Estrogen – a friend or an enemy to the breast: TBD
Spontaneous severe preterm delivery <28 weeks of gestation: Who is at risk - Big Data: Gali Pariente, Israel Advanced age pregnancy and obstetrical risks: Fionualla McAuliffe, Ireland How to assess breast cancer risk and which treatment for which patient: TBD TBD
Preterm delivery is a risk factor for maternal long term risk - Bid Data: Eyal Sheiner, Israel
Company Presentations Company Presentations Company Presentations Company Presentations
18:00-18:15 Technical Break
18:15-19:15 Plenary Session 19: Winners of the Startup Pavilion and Hackathon – Companies Presentation and Awards
20:30 Lecture at the Bar